Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scrap Rugs from Fort Street Studio

WOW.....these are right up my living room alley and they are made from all kind of different kinds of scraps from this new find of mine Fort Street Studios. The colors are amazing and the designers at the studio sure know how to make things POP.

RGB nail Polish

I think Ive posted about these nail polish before, I cant seen to remember at this time, guess i need my green juice this morning. Anyways they do make some yummy colors and its actually earth and healthe friendly for you. They are available at

The Kind Diet

Its the first day of spring for me at least, and a friend gifted me this diet book from earth activist Alicia Silverstone. Im going to give it a good 2 months but from what i read in it last night its looking to become a
favorite of mine.

Vogue Magazine luxury Eco - info

Vogue Magazine has listed some interesting and super lux items in this little guide to becoming earth friendly. If you can afford to check it out heres the link.