Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Memorial day weekend

We have not been posting much lately because we have been in the schools teaching and working on next years programs in the Detroit Public Schools but after we return from a quick trip to the south, well announce the winner of our "7 things you can do in 7 days to save the environment" contest and more exciting news happening at AShirtBag... STAY TUNED..its gonna be good and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend..thanks Jeff

Poketo tote bags

Poketo up-cycles these totes bags from suits and make dragging your stuff around chic again. Check out the site for a ton of other amazing nibbles and bits

Norma Kamali Eco-Goddess

Norma Kamali has been around for ever. She has been creating numerous different eco-clothing collections for her shop on 56th street and Walmart as well as a organic line of beauty and wellness goods that are unstoppable. The new wellness cafe at her store is the bomb. Check her out at and get on board.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gray Pants Design

I had seen some of this design firms stuff in NYC a while back, but they made an even bigger splash at ICFF with these cardboard box lights...

Katch Design Company

It was design week in NYC and here are some of my favorite eco-designs.. Katch Co makes these rad stools and side table from recycled construction beams.. Yummy

Get your pen out.....

And throw the others away...cause these pens rock and are earth friendly

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Style Rookie is an Eco Diva

While reading my morning blogs, I came across this post from the fabu teenage fashion blogger Tavi. The dress above is made from candy wrappers...AMAZING. She is really a inspiration to all

Monday, May 17, 2010

Elle Light Project

Elle Magazine asked a bunch of designers for handbags ideas that could translate to Eco-friendly ideas. Read more about this fabu solar powered Loeffler Randall bag and others at

Tips to save money the Eco-Way

So many tips and so little time. Check out these tips on save money the eco-way.

Branch Home

This site has so many cool eco-gifts and items for your home my head explodes. Check them out if your looking for a unique gift or a treat for yourself.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Community House / Green Breeze

AShirtBag will be on hand for this event in downtown Birmingham on July 24 with lots of goodies and info about us and The Community House. Don't forget to drop off your tank-tops NOW at The Community House. The collection bin (picture above) is located downstairs in the center because AShirtBags gonna make bags outta them benefiting both charity's..

Eco-Chic Hotels

It could be solar and wind powered, have a green roof or just a LEED certification but these eco-chic hotels are all great options when traveling in the states or over seas.

Best Buy Recycle It

The people at BestBuy dont care where you bought it, Just recycle it at the store nearest you ..
We like this..

Loreal Serie Nature

Loreal's first eco-line for salons just launched this past month, but I'm sure the regular public line will be availible in every drug store by the summer, Stop by your local salon that supports this product and try it out..

I and D Paris

Chic, Chic, Eco-Chic......Enough said. Get to the website and start drooling over everything.

Wasara paper bowls

These paper bowls from Wasara are just beautiful and I dont wanna throw them into the compost bin after using them ..They are made from paper and are chic and of course from Japan.

GodSpeed Furniture

Lets start the month of May out right with all things good eco design. GodSpeed does amazing things with scraps and bits while retaining the highest quality and innovative design. More info here at