Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday Morning bamboo duvet/shams

I needed a new duvet and shams to go with all the new bedding I purchased from CB2 so this bamboo set was perfect for my needs. Its simple and soft and a great look.

Method laundry detergent

With a new look and even better plant based formula, Methods new detergent is far more concentrated then its last mixture and works wonders on all your cold water

American Apparel organic dog jumper

I plan on getting a french bull dog this spring and thought id start to outfit him with this little organic jumper. Zippy(my dogs name when i get him) is gonna look cool when shopping the eastern market this spring while wearing this jumper.

CB2 Organic blanket

After trying out the organic sheets at CB2 , I ordered the matching blanket that complements my guest bedroom sheets. With its dense weave and slate grey color ,this organic blankie rocks.

Hessnatur organic sweater

This organic cotton sweater is my new favorite. Its the perfect color blue to make my eyes pop and its super soft. Check out all the other earth friendly clothing at

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The New Terrarium Workshop-book signing

Check out The New Terrarium Workshop hosted at Michigan's premier nursery Goldner Walsh this Saturday Feb 20 betweem 11.30-5 pm and meet the author of this fabu book Tovah Martin while getting some sage advice in concerns to making your own terrarium.

Organic by John Patrick

The Fall 2010 fashion shows are going on in NYC, and one of my favorite eco-friendly designers Organic by John Patrick has shown a lush and sporty

Friday, February 12, 2010

Eco-balls for the dryer

Get fluffy and fresh laundry without nasty dryer sheets.

Eco-balls for the laundry

Cleaning your clothing with these are easy and non-toxic fun. Just pop them into the washer and kiss your dirt good bye.

Baking Soda

This is one your granny use to rock all the time. It is a great deodorizer and cleanser and is a cheap alternative to other scrubs with tons of chemicals.

Distilled White Vinegar

This one is the bomb for dissolving scum, stains and mineral deposits and makes your toilet bowl sparkle from just pouring a bit into it. Its super cheap and WORKS..

Powdered Oxygen Bleach

This eco-friendly form of bleach releases oxygen into clean clothes. It gets rid of dirt in a non-toxic way and brightens fabrics while disinfecting.

Lemons -for scrubin the tub and sink

Like vinegar, lemon juice helps conquer soap scum and hard water spots.Add some baking soda for extra scrubby goodness.

Clean your home-naturally

Essential Oils: These oils are made from plants, fruits and flowers and have anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. Tea tree, lemon and eucalyptus oils work really well for cleaning. Blend a few drops with water in a spray bottle, shake well and get busy cleaning your home the healthy way.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dawn In The Raw

This is my new favorite blogspot from the fabu Dawn Whitehorn.. Its all about her 90 day raw food detox diet, including yummy recipes and good vibes. She is also an intense yoga instructor with a new private practice and spacky new studio in Royal Oak. Check it out at

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Idbids for kids

As many people know, I am basically an 8 year old boy at heart and love it when I stumble upon a cool toy or project for children. This field kit for kids is the bomb and available at your local REI store

Toyota Prius Plug In

With all the bad press Toyota has been getting, I looked to the positive side of things and remembered the Prius has some pretty good new styling for the 2011 year models and think this won will win new customers and a renewed interest in plug ins.

J Crew Organic Luggage

Ive been traveling around the country doing AShirtBag events from LA to NYC and I wandered into J Crew and fell in love with the new organic luggage offerings. Kinda expensive but very stylish.

Pier 1 Bamboo place matts

I stopped into Pier 1 yesterday to check things out and picked up these eco-friendly bamboo place matts to go along with my new dish towels.

Organic graphic dish towesl

These organic dish towels were a gift from a friend and have made kitchen work stylish and the graphic print is right up my alley

Meijer Organics Broth

It's cold here in the D and today I picked up this broth to make some savory soup in the crock pot. Chicken soup hits the spot with a fresh loaf of Avalon organic farm bread.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Flowers on Valentines day

I'm not a fan of roses or cut flowers in the winter. Trucking and flying all the buds in from all over the world isn't that earth friendly so I keep a stock of different types of bulbs under the kitchen sink and when a holiday or birthday is coming up I start growing some on the kitchen table. Check out your local nursery for sale bulbs and buy some vintage planters at your favorite resale shop and get to work. It is much cooler getting a groovy vintage planter filled with paper whites than some over priced gross red roses on Valentines day.

Baberoo organic cotton mary jane socks

I could not pass up on these little organic cotton mary jane socks. They are so stupid cute and you can pick them up at select Target stores

Sweet Earth Chocolates

Valentines day is coming FAST kids and of course I had to try something new in the organic chocolate trade this year. Sweet Earth truffles are the bomb, I ordered one box for my sweetie and ate one box a watching reruns of the Brady Bunch the other night. That Marsha was a mess.

Origins lip balm

After rolling around the west coast, then returning to the cold winter winds my lips were like a cheap leather handbag, until I discovered this balm. Once again Origins to the organic, juicy, yummy soft lip rescue.

AShirtBag-TIGI-Salon Ciba

AShirtBag has teamed up with TIGI and Salon Ciba in Seatlle to host an earth friendly event on March 4 at the Belltown location at 6pm. We will talk about how to get eco at home and in the salon with tons of great giveaways and information about gettin down eco-style.

Ebay Green Teams new website

The kids over at EBay have a new website for the Green Team with tons of great new info,check it out at

LinkSkin eco-friendly eye-wear

I didnt find ANYTHING good at the beauty show on the west coast but I saw a ton of overpriced bamboo towels and robes and a certain orange county housewives weird makeup line. Upon my return to Michigan I stopped into and discovered these fabu recycled eyeglasses by