Thursday, January 29, 2009

Organic Beauty Product search

Attention readers, I'm off to the International Beauty Expo in Long Beach . I will be searching for new organic beauty products that will be in stores and salons for the spring/summer season. Hopefully there will be tons of new stuff for me to introduce to you in the coming weeks.

John Patrick ORGANIC @ Linda Dresner

Linda Dresner has been on the leading edge of fashion forever. Now this minx of the fashion world has started offering John Patricks ORGANIC line of clothing to her roster of world class designers such as Comme des Garcons, Rick Owens, Alaia, and so many more. The spring collection of ORGANIC is at her store now, located at 299 w. Maple in Birmingham MI. Check out and for more info about both

Soothe Soy Candle

I love Target.....its as simple as that. Bamboo socks, recycled paper products, Method cleaning stuff and those Eco-friendly red totes for 99 cents. The staff is helpful and smiles at you even when your just looking around for things you don't need. Well, while I was strolling through the store the other day, I found these candles on the shelf that smelt incredible. Hand poured and clean burning soy wax scented with eucalyptus and patchouli in a cool recycled green glass tub for only $10. Pick one up soon at your local Target store.

Recy-clean Detroit

Matt Naimi has been Detroit's leading Eco-Guru for ages. With so many amazing projects under his belt, I don't know how he gets it all done and remains sane. While offering container and recycling services for the metro area and a recycling program at 1331 Holden st on Wednesdays and Saturdays, hes got it down to a science. Visit the website at for all the info and don't forget to click on the green service partners page for additional information about others programs and services throughout Detroit.

Root and Sprout

Located in Downtown Birmingham at 474 North Old Woodward, across from Booth Park is one of Michigan's newest Eco-Boutiques. Kelly and Susan offer products that are safer for your family and kinder to the environment. Yummy organic coffees, teas and snacks as well as children's organic cotton, bamboo and soybean clothing. The best part is all the unique reclaimed and updated furniture items and the Eco-friendly pet treats. Stop by this hot spot or give them a call for hours and info at 248.593.9552. Thanks gals for giving people great Eco-shopping options in Detroit. BRAVO

The Greening of Detroit

Education, advocacy and planting are three things The Greening of Detroit have been promoting since 1989. The programs and services they offer are amazing and right in line with what AShirtBag is all about. Sarah Haller is the Director of Environmental Education at TGOD and has many visionary programs such as Adopt A School, Get Out and Green, Camp Greening and many more. Visit the website at for more info.

Good Society Organic jeans

I am an old lady when it comes to switching brands. I have worn 501 hard denim jeans for the last 10 years and have not found anything that good looks and has a great price,till now. Good Society jeans for guys and gals are my new denim choice, simply because they are totally Eco-friendly and make my butt look good while keeping the prices under $100. At my age that's a lot to ask for. They are available at your local Saks store and online at , but don't forget to visit their website to get all the stats on how Eco they are.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Studio Persimmon graphics

Nancy Gage......Nancy Gage.......Nancy Gage......I cant stop .....shes just to good to be true....In my many years as a creative director I have never met anybody easier to work with or more brilliant as an illustrator/graphic designer/fine artist.She has created award worthy work for some of Detroit's biggest names Audi ,Papa Joe's,Holiday Market, Girls Golf and of course AShirtBags catalog for 2009 .If you want quality,ease,and an eye for good graphics and the best personal service in town contact 248.547.6098

The Heritage Co ll

There are so many hidden gems here in Detroit, but the best one is located in downtown Royal Oak at 116 e. 7Th street. Marisa Gaggino is one of Michigan's finest Eco-retailers and has been for over 20 years .With her fabulous eye and great salvaged goods from all over the world your sure to find something to tickle the decorator inside of you or if your not talented in the field of garden or home design, Marisa is for hire. Ive seen some of the work she has done and its right out of World of Interiors magazine.....Visit her store Thurs- Fri- Sat 11-5pm or Sun 12-4pm. Don't forget to pay off the balances on your credit cards because you can not leave her store without some exotic nibble for your home.

Organic cotton blanket

Call me what you want....Tree hugger, granola Nazi, Eco-geek, but I'm a sucker for fine bedding. While having my favorite lunch at the Nordstrom cafe in Somerset mall -don't laugh they have an amazing salmon nicoise salad- I stopped by the small home department on the third floor and to my amazement found a delicious organic blanket for my bedroom.It has this pinwheel weave which is beautiful, its as soft as a baby's bottom and only cost $65 .  ..check it out at your local Nordstrom or visit 

Valentines day chocolate

I love chocolate...Bon Bons, truffles, brick bars, funny shaped animals and 80 piece box sets, it doesn't matter ....What ever I can shove down my throat while watching PBS on the sofa works for me. While dragging myself through Papa Joe's a few weekends ago I discovered endangered species chocolate bars and could not contain myself , I ate 2 complete bars while driving home and was in heaven.

100% recycled vase

This clever plastic vase, formed from recycled materials, then covered in recycled coils of old magazines is only $18 and makes a great gift for your granny or anyone else on your valentines day gift list. Fill it with fresh flowers from your local greenhouse and you'll have the ultimate Eco-V-day gift. Available at your local urban outfitters stores or check it out online at

This weeks obsession-Pangea organics

I'm a total obsessive.....Once I find a product that works and is organic I buy a case of it..Call me crazy.....maybe just lazy, but Pangea Organics Egyptian fennel with grapefruit/sweet orange lip balm is just what my dry cracked metro Detroit lips needed. I think I freaked out the sales lady at Whole Foods because I bought the whole case of it, along with the 5 Indian lemon grass with rosemary bar soaps. Check out the website for locations in Detroit. So while shopping for your dinner this weekend zoom down the beauty isle at Whole Foods or Plum Market and try some.

American Apparel organic tees

Finally someone has great organic cotton tees in cool colors for only $19. These sustainable jersey cotton tees for men and women are available at American Apparel stores and give the right amount of sexy cleavage everyone is looking for, not to slutty and just enough sex appeal to make you look like a million bucks. View the many different organic styles on their website at but go to the store and buy them after having dinner or drinks in Royal Oak or Ann Arbor and cut back on all the emissions that the delivery person will put into the air getting them to your front door. Don't forget the matching underwear to go with your new tees!!!! Cause your mama always said: DO NOT leave home without clean matching undergarments on.... you never know whats going to happen through out your day.

Plymouths green street fair

I know ..I know.. I am pushing the spring time envelope here, but you have to put this on your calendars now and just think spring will be coming soon. Green Street Fair in downtown Plymouth Michigan was founded to help educate and inform people of all ages about the benefits of green, organic and Eco-friendly products-services. The event dates are May 1-3 2009 and I better see some of you guys in attendance. Hopefully AShirtbag will be around promoting what we do best, Eco-friendly news and products to educate kids and the general public.

Green Currents

Have you heard about Michigan's renewable energy program? Well you better get on it....make the choice for a healthier environment and stronger Michigan economy and enroll RIGHT NOW. It is easy and will save you money. or call 866.207.6955 

Read this NOW......

New York Times best selling author Thomas Kostigen is exposing the vital link between what we do and what that does to our planet in this great new-ish book called YOU ARE HERE. I just read it, so its new-ish to me. Despite the recent prominence of "green"issues in the news, the direct relationship between our actions and the earth is too often ignored. But the seemingly insignificant things we do every day have the power to literally alter the landscape in the ongoing battle to resuscitate the planet. Pick it up at your local book store and  cut back on pollution that the UPS guys driving will incur to get it to your door. or just go to   Its the perfect winter reading.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eco-friendly wallpapers

It took me days doing research online to find Eco-friendly wallpaper that is chic and affordable till I came to this website . My head was spinning for days deciding on what paper to install at our new offices because there are so many good choices on the Eco-collection page of their site. Our final choice was made and is just beautiful...Eco-chic interiors are easy with some hard work and good luck.

Eco-friendly fabrics

If your looking for the most delicious Eco-friendly fabrics for your new sofa or your thinking of recovering the chairs in your office, Crypton Super Fabrics is the place to go and they are based here in Detroit. With a whole new range of fabulous fabrics and the Eco-know how to produce fabrics that are environmentally friendly, beautiful and will not hold stains, what more could you ask for.... We even used Crypton in our new office space and think its the best stuff on the market. Thanks Crypton for all your generous donations to ASB.

Angelas Eye

She has her eye on all the style happenings here in the motor city and nation wide. Angela is one of the best dressed gals  in Detroit i know and has the coolest website for all things fashionable. Visit her website at  and if you need advice about your spring clothing purchases or what is cool to see or do in the city, shoot her an email. Thanks for the amazing bag you donated to ASB, with the proceeds from your bag sale we will be teaching 35 kids our PBL program and planting 35 trees in the city.

Earth friendly take out stuff

If your looking for earth friendly plates, forks, napkins and cleaning supplies for your next gathering or chic eatery /coffee shop, go no further than Michigan Green Safe Products. Steve and the guys at MGSP located in Detroit at 1331 Holden st will take care of the your earth friendly take out container needs . Visit the website  to download the catalog or just give them a call at 313 871 4000. Thanks guys for the generous donation of the all the party needs at the ASB event.

Monday, January 26, 2009

AShirtBag Inn Season 15-30 event

Food...Fun...and great bags designed by some of Detroit's leading artists and designers. AShirtbag hosted an event at the Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak to raise money for its educational program and it was a giant success. 500 children will be taught all about the environment and ways to save resources as well as grow 500 trees in the classrooms to be planted in the city of Detroit. What more could we ask for. Thank you everyone for the wonderful night.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

AShirtBag branding-website designers

Once again I have nothing but good things to say about the team at o2creativesolutions. Jody Levy and Brian Hords have one of the coolest spots in Detroit for branding, website design and all around highly innovative and creative stuff. They have been working with me on AShirtbags whole identity and its been an amazing time....Thanks guys for all your hard work!!!

AShirtBag website-product photography

Fashion, product, portraits and all around good glamour is what this talented guy does everyday. I have had the honor to work with him on the product shots for the new 2009 catalog at AShirtBag and what a pleasure it was. Complete ease and great pictures with lots of energy are just a few things that came of the day spent shooting with him and I cant say enough about him. HE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! And his pictures are even better....... or email him at

AShirtBag public relations firm

What can I say but I have been blessed with the most hard working people in Detroit to work with AShirtbag. The team at Publicity Works sure do give good lip service. Lisa and Jim are amazing at what they do and I could not be more grateful to them for all the hard work they have done to promote our cause. Thanks guys

AShirtBag PSA designers

WOW..AShirtBags new PSA is finally finished and its SO COOL. Many thanks go out to the team at PlutoPost for a job well done. With a staff of talented designers led by Dave Corbett and lots of man hours, I could not ask for anything better. Its nice to partner up with people that share the same ideals as AShirtBag and MAKE GOOD STUFF HAPPEN.

Inn SeasonCafe-AShirtBag event

Excitement....Humor....Fashion and Eco-friendly bags, that's what is happening at 7pm this Sunday Jan 25 at the Inn Season cafe in Royal Oak Michigan. I cant wait to see everyone and meet all the new people that support our not for profit organization. This night of fun and food is all about the children we educate in the Detroit schools. We provide them with an educational program and the tools needed to broaden their science skills and teach them Eco-friendly solutions they can apply to their daily lives...