Thursday, July 22, 2010

Green Breeze

Stop by the Green Breeze in Birmingham this weekend and check out all the eco-goods. AShirtBag will be on the corner of Merrill and Old Woodward between 12-6pm with amazing bags stuffed with goodies from Tigi, Randys Granola and more all benefiting Community House and AShirtBag.

Karim Rashid Bobble

This classic water bottle designed by Karim Rashid also has a filter and as you know carrying a re-useable water cuts back on waste in land fills. Its also under $10 and cool looking. Check it out at

Cork Helmut

I viewed this cork helmut somewhere online and really thought it was interesting. Cork is a material that is being looked at in some many different ways and its applications are expanding from just the houseware markets.

DKNY Pure fragrance

DKNY Pure has a new earth friendly soft scent ,with a cool raindrop shaped bottle and the package that it comes in, both inside and out is recyclable. Its nice to see that product designers in the cosmetics industry are developing new ways to package stuff without causing tons of waste.

Christopher Raeburn

From old hot air balloons to unused army uniforms, Christopher Raeburns eco-friendly line of clothing sure hits the spot for fall. As Margiela has done for years, Raeburn takes found unused clothing items and makes coats and jackets that seam far more wearable than the Maison and quite a bit cheaper.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cardboard Furniture

Clean, crisp and eco-friendly cardboard furniture is up for grabs at this british company. My favorite is the desk, but check out all the other styles and items.

Plover Beddding

Great organic bedding options are up for grabs at Plover. Lots of patterns and styles to made your home comfy cosy of the summer.

Grove bamboo i-pod case

This is one of the coolest things out on the net. Design your own bamboo case for your i-pod, or just chose one of the standard designs.Its made from bamboo and you better get busy.

Rogan watch/bracelet

This fabu bracelet is made from re purposed vintage watch parts and comes in a variety of finishes. Its a great Margiela look alike with out the crazy french price.