Friday, March 20, 2009

Chicago Spring 2009

I'm off to the windy city for some time with friends and client meetings. I will be visiting some cool new spots and the Midwest Beauty Show. My mission is to discover new Eco-beauty stuff to post and maybe some great new earth friendly stores. I will be back first week of April. Look out for new posts.......Wish me luck

Nike Eco Sneaker

Cool looking , comfortable and earth friendly. This is the sneaker I have been sporting around town since last summer and could not be happier or chicer........check it out at  BTW its called the Pocketknife, weird name...... bomb shoes

Metro Cars

Metro cars is the leading transportation provider in Michigan. Its Propane Initiative is one of only three in the nation to win the prestigious Energy Fleet Award and provides a great Eco-alternative for airport travel. or 1.800. 456.1701  


In the past I purchased a ton of books until the Kindle came along. But what do I do with the books I still have ????? SwapTree is the answer..... I'm sending off some books, DVDs and music Cd's this morning and It feels great knowing that my favorite reads and tunes will be enjoyed by other Eco-warriors.  F.Y.I  you can even swap  video games.....

The Organic Pharmacy

Being beautiful and organic is easy now. Voted best Eco/Organic brand for 2009 by InStyle Magazine is The Organic Pharmacy. TONS of great stuff for your skin and body and a great newsletter. Visit the website at  Dont forget to sign up for the email/newsletter for discounts on new stuff.

Eco Envelopes

If your the worlds best office manager or just sending your great aunt some pictures, check out eco envelopes. There are some many great new Eco-options for everything and I am really excited about this one. It will cut down on waste and  I cant wait to start using this service.

Alex and Ani

Jewelry can make an outfit go from blahhhhhh to Fabbbbbb with one simple piece. Alex and Ani have just launched the Earth Sultry line of Eco-friendly jewelry and it looks amazing. I love a great bracelet on a women. The simplest things can spruce any outfit and be earth friendly.

Simple Solution Tip #1

I  have decided to start a weekly Eco-Tip post. So here goes.

Tip #1 Replace a Lightbulb.........
       This is the smartest thing you can do for your wallet and the earth. When an old incandescent bulb burns out, replace it with an CFL (compact florescent bulb). They cost from $3-$6 per bulb, but use 75% less energy and save you $30-$50 over the life of the bulb. Easy, Simple, and Smart.

LeSportSac designed by Stella McCartney

Through out my search for Eco-luggage, I have come across some great stuff.(  see earlier blog entry under REI luggage ) This 100% recycled rolling bag is designed by world famous Stella McCartney for LeSportSac and is a little lighter and a lot cooler. I returned the other bag and purchased this one instead because its far more pliable and earth friendly. Visit the site at and click on the fall 08 collection for all the details and a 50% discount .

The Modern Pet

Sometimes I get so caught up in the human stuff that I forget about our furry friends. The Modern Pet has a variety of great earth friendly stuff for your Eco-Pet at great prices.  I purchased this pull toy made from IntelliLoft, which is made of re-engineered fibers from recycled plastic bottles. Pets can be Eco too....with the help of your credit card...Check it out

Friday, March 13, 2009

DWR- yard mower

I have been planning my yard for some time now and cant wait to start mowing it with this earth friendly machine offered by Design within Reach. It was a fortune, but I feel that its totally worth the cost and knowing that I'm cutting back on all the emissions a normal gas powered mower would give off, its totally worth it.

Caroline Saul

Amazing, Beautiful, Inventive, and simply the best thing I have seen in a long time. Caroline Saul is a complete genius, she makes these bowls from recycled plastic milk bottles and they look like sculpted glass.WOW- WOW- WOW... I need one bad for my home but she is across the pond in the UK.

Michigan Green Cabs

If your going out for drinks this weekend with friends, consider a Green cab service. Michigan Green Cab service is a great alternative for driving around town or traveling to Metro airport. Check out the website and don't forget to sign up for email updates and money saving coupons. 1.877.476.8294 

The Urban Homestead

This guide to self-sufficient living in the city or the suburbs is the bomb. Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen have provided valued information on all things sustainable for your new garden. With projects that include growing food anywhere and composting with style, you cant go wrong with this book for the spring/summer season.

Amicis Pizza

Located at 3249 12 mile rd. in downtown Berkley is Amici's Pizza and Living Room. Delicious eats and healthy choices make this spot a definite hot spot. Offering up wheat and gluten free crusts and gourmet toppings has made this one of Detroit's " Best Gourmet Pizzas"  by the Free Press. for all the details

Azure Dynamics

Located right here in Oak Park is North Americas leading conversion company. This Canadian firm has brought Eco-knowledge to the Detroit metro area, by offering hybrid engine conversion for large and small trucks. They have already converted trucks for Fed-Ex and UPS and are seeing tremendous growth in this new market, while providing new jobs for auto workers. BRAVO.... Michigan needs more of this kind of industry and its technologies.

Bionic yarn @ Cole Hahn

Cole Hahn has been a leader in footwear and technology for the last few years. After partnering up with Nike on a line of footwear, they are introducing a line of products made with Bionic yarn. This new fiber is made from recycled plastic bottles and is strong and sustainable. Its really easy to be Eco and fashionable this spring with this new technology.

Good Society Organic shorts

Once again Urban Outfitters saves the day. As I posted prior, I purchased some Good Society organic jeans and became a instant fan of the brand. This time I purchased some shorts for my trip to Mexico and cant say enough about this company. The price was right and the quality is amazing. or

Target cafe- kids meal

While shopping for Method cleaning products, I stopped in at the Target cafe to grab a bite to eat and was pleasantly surprised. The choices for a healthy snack/meal are not vast at all, but they do offer a kids meal of organic mac and cheese, organic milk with a great organic yogurt for desert. It was yummy and hit the spot, all for under $3 bucks. If your in a time crunch and need some energy, try it when your on your way out of the store.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Patyka lime shower scrub

French luxury organic products kinda scare me. The ones I have tried prior to blogging were just a bit girly for me ......till now. I purchased some Patyka at TJmaxx and was surprised by the  simple fruit smell and it scrubbed the winter skin away with ease. 

REI Eco- friendly luggage

Ive been traveling quite a bit this year looking for products and companies to share with everyone but have been carrying a not so ECO bag across the continents. I was in my local REI and was amazed at this piece of luggage that's made from 67% recycled materials and had to scoop it up for my next gig in Chicago and later this spring in Mexico. Eco luggage is HARD TO FIND but I think this gets me started on the right path.

Recycled glass jars frames

Crafts always seem like a chore to me, but this one is right up my alley. Simple, good looking and fun for kids, this craft project ROCKS. Check out all the details at and get crafty this rainy weekend by just cleaning up some old jars in your fridge. I know your fridge needs a once over anyways, so have the kids help you and create some cool frames then put pics of grand mama in them.

Ebay Green Team

Ebay is always thinking up innovative ideas for the consumer.Ive always shopped on eBay because I'm a big used clothing fan and vintage clothing is totally Eco. The new program is really inventive,while offering coupons and tips on how to be earth friendly.

Gap-earth freindly toy train

The Gap has always been a favorite of mine because the really do offer great stuff at a reasonable price. While shopping at the baby Gap stores, I spotted this great earth friendly toy train made from organic it was only $18.50

Levis Eco- denim

Levis has been offering great styles for men and women with the earth in mind for quite some time now. I have been following and purchasing items from the Eco-line of organic-recycled denim and the stuff is great. I bought this pair of pants above for the spring time and cant wait to sport them around town. Check the stuff out at your local Levis store or online at

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Green Urban Living @ 735 Forest

735 Forest is one of Birmingham's finest and greenest addresses. Located in the Triangle District, it is Oakland counties premier urban-green luxury place to live. I visited the event on Thursday night and found amazing Eco-friendly apartments designed by the areas best talents. The Green Urban Event happens this weekend , so stop by and check them out, then pop into the Forest Grill for a bite to eat. FYI the restaurant was just voted the best new hot spot  for delicious eats by HOUR magazine.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

AShirtBag Edu-Program @ Logan Elementary

I am proud to announce that we are starting our educational program at Logan Elementary in Detroit this April. The " 7 Things You Can Do in 7 Days to save our environment" program is taught to the 4Th graders at Logan with the help of science teacher Diane Sampson and will focus on earth conservation while providing each child with their own Tree in a box kit to grow, then the kids will plant the trees grown in the classrooms in the city of Detroit. Visit for all the info.

ALTER-ECO series on Planet Green TV

Television is not my favorite form of information, but I do love the Discovery channel.   ALTER-ECO is a great show about Eco-friendly living hosted by supermodel Angela Lindvall and actor Adrian Grenier. I met these Eco-warriors while attending the D&A green market in LA, and thanked them for using their status and knowledge to promote earth friendly causes.   Check out the website for local times and listings in your area.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Mission One electric motorcycle

Designed by world famous Yves Behar, this electric bike is the coolest thing on the road. Mission Motors located in California has teamed up with this designer to create an aggressive, performance based and all around delicious motorcycle that is run on electricity. It gets 150 miles per charge and is capable of hitting speeds up to 150 mph. Ok comes the bad cost $70,000

Method Cleaning products

I have been using these products for years and have been surprised how well the actually work and with all the cool package designs, you simply cant go wrong. Visit the website for all the information about this Eco-friendly company and the many great things they do for our environment.

Bissel Eco- cleaner

The Bissel Little Green Multi-Purpose Compact Deep Cleaner is a thorough, effective, and convenient earth-friendly cleaner for tasks large and small. It features Eco-friendly packaging, parts made from post-consumer recycled plastic, and PVC-free tanks and hose, all for under $80. Find it locally at Meijers or online at and clean the earth friendly way this spring.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Matt & Nat bags

The people at Matt & Nat make wonderful Eco-friendly bags for all to carry. I just purchased a new briefcase from them to carry all my goods this spring, and could not be happier with the quality and price. I scored this bag on sale at for only $171 reduced from $285. Its made from earth friendly vegan leather and looks just like a Prada case I purchases years ago and is super light weight. Bravo..... Matt & Nat for providing an alternative to all those overpriced designer bags, that are not Eco-chic.