Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Week/Day 2011

Here at A-ShirtBag we are gearing up for our edu programs in the Detroit Public Schools and celebrating earth week/day by making random gift bag donations to tons of interesting in-need orgs in the city. Have fun and don't forget to keep your hood clean by the easiest method. Recycling


The all natural products Aesop makes are finally available stateside in NYC at its new shop and also at Sephora. This Australian company some strange yet butch smelling goods that work wonders for any skin type.

Cardboard Couture

Crazy Beautiful and quite inventive is all Im going to say about the couture creations made by Italian artist and photographer Christian Tagliavini. The remind me of the old Serge Lutens stuff which im obsessed with.

Plumen Light Bulb

Finally A great looking and fucky earth friendly light bulb. This ones designed by Hulger/Wilkinson and is on my list for this spring updates to my casa.

Journal Banddolier

I found this Band that holds your pens/pencils to your journal some time back on Etsy. Its made from recycled elastic and hope it will go into production because when i went to purchase it , it was gone,, Lets pray...

Kangol Eco styles

Kangol's spring collection features many eco-friendly styles made from bamboo and natural dyes. These are perfect for the summer and can be scooped up here at