Friday, January 21, 2011

Diana Eng Fortune Cookie Change Purse

Im a sucker for great design, and when it includes animal friendly recycled leather, Im sold. Diana Eng makes these cutey patootie change purses that are simply divine. Get your shopping ON with one in your bag..

Too Good by Jenny McCarthy

Give me some crazy organic earth friendly bedding anytime and Im sold. The best part of this is , its designed in collaboration with the comedic wonderhouse Jenny McCarthy and available everywhere. Next time design some stuff for big kids like me,but dont forget the crazy colors and patterns and throw in a stuffed animal for good measure..

YSL New Vintage lll

Once again the team from YSl makes magic from vintage fabrics for the third time around with the stylish and chic Vintage lll collection. This capsule collection cant do no wrong.. More info here at


It all about the gadgets...these two little handy nibbles will save water in the shower and plastic for going into the landfills.This innovative Austrailian company works of some good design magic.. check them both out at