Sunday, June 13, 2010

Katharine Hamnett @ Yoox

Serving up some fun eco-friendly summer time fashions is 80's fashion staple Katharine Hamnett. The kids over at Yoox are hosting this fashion sale event and if your in need of a sext bathing suit or t-shirts for the hubby, check the stuff out.

"Grow a Tree in the D" Contest winners

We had a contest at AShirtBag to see what classroom out of 5 different schools and over 500 children could grow the largest/tallest amount of trees while learning the importance of what trees do for our environment. Well Logan Elementary won and had had a pizza party and prizes and all sorts of fun. Congrats Diane Sampson for making this happen with your kids.
You Are The Bomb.....

Wash With Joe Body Wash

Im not one for body wash, adult tri-cycles or strangely favored ice creams but this was sent to me to try out and Ill have to admit its really weird and wonderful.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sonic Fabric ties

Fabric made from recycled tape cassette.... Yes its true .... what will these kids think up next? Im diggin on the ties pictured above and the overall look of the companies stuff.

Mioculture Wool I-pad case

One of my favorite companys just introduced these wool felt I-pad cases in a muliptle of sizes and colors.They are renewable,recyclable and compostable, unlike my I-pad but Im sold.

Emeco chair -recycled soda pop bottle versions

Amazing colors, recycled plastic and a classic design. The Emeco chair has received an update in colors and materials. Made from soda pop bottles and these colors are yums. Cant wait for them to hit the sales floor.

Rapanui Clothing

Its seems that the options for cool and sustainable clothing for men are limited . Im over the American Apparel stuff and how much Patagonia can you own. A reader sent over some info about this collection of super yummy earth friendly clothing . The hemp jackets, bamboos socks and organic cotton 3-d print t-sht is kicking my rump. The tee reminders me of a Comme Des Garcons one I had and worn to bit years ago and the hemp jacket is perfect for the cool east coast nights on the beach Ill be taking this summer.Check this stuff out .