Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Holidays

From the staff at AShirtBag, We wish you a safe and wonderful holiday. We look forward to the many exciting new projects in 2011 servicing the Detroit Public Schools and some new ones outside the city. Thank you for your support and Happy New Year .

Frietag agenda

This is the perfect gift for anyone this holiday season. Once again Frietag makes a great travel item out of recyclable materials.. DDD-LISHHHH www.frietag.com

Levis Waterless Jeans

Levis is feeling the eco-ness and is now offering jeans made with less water and toxins. I have tried the organic jeans they offer and wasn't impressed, so this seems like the next option. www.levis.com

Boxed Water is better

While staying at the Standard in LA this past few weeks,I noticed all the brilliant products surrounding me in the room. Simple and understated designs are the hardest to make happen and function well and this boxed water is the perfect example is making simple water seem cool as hell.

Kenzie Kate 100%recycled paper note cards

Since I have been very lazy with the posts due to 2011 school program planning, This nibble from Kenzie Kate has been sitting on my desktop waiting for release. This cool lacquered storage box filled with recycled note card is perfect to send out your holiday thanks yous. www.kenziekate.com

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Super Monster Cards

I love letterpress anything, This seams to be a lost art for the greeting card companies, but these Monster Cards use sustainable dies and papers and just might end up in mailboxes with my return address on them for the holidays.www.hourofnine.com

Transit Chairs

These chairs made for old transit signs designed by Boris Bally sure are yummy. Thats all, Info about them somewhere on the web I'm sure...

Bodkin bathing suit collection

I'm sure you have seen the Bodkin clothing posts before on this blog, but the new bathing suits for resort are as cute as can be and of course made from sustainable fabrics . These sexy and earth friendly suits are perfect for your eco-getaways. www.bodkin.com

Bamboo Hedgehog pin

I mean really? Who doesn't love Hedgehogs.....and this little bamboo pin sure gets a black jacket or backpack rocking. www.supermarkethq.com

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Socks hemp-recycled socks

I love Happy socks, and now the line contains hemp and recycled cotton versions to make your feet feel and look HAPPY. www.happysocks.com

Bodkin-Monique Pean Organic clothing collection

One of my favorite womens clothing lines has collaborated with chic designer Monique Pean to create some amazing clothing, check out the story at www.vogue.com

Shades Optical Clarity Ecoclens

Clean your glasses the earth friendly way with Clarity EcoClens available at the fabu Shades Optical in Birmingham Mi. www.shadesoptical.com

Marina68 cork bench

This sustainable cork bench from Marina68 is the bomb, off course its a one off and not available to the public yet, but i just had to post a picture of it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Bambu project at the MET

If your in NYC, stop by the Gerard Cantor roof top garden at the Met and view the Stern brothers new installation. It's bamboo structure is truly eye popping.

Printed Floral organic sheet set

I'm digging on these printed organic sheets from Antropologie. And guess what? they are half off. www.anthropologie.com

Pesce for Melissa shoes

Here is another amazing collaboration with the Melissa shoe company. Be it Gaultier, Westwood or any other top designer, recyclable shoes are the bomb. This time is Gaetano Pesce and they sure are funky looking. www.melissa.com

Bionic yard/Moncler @ Dover Street Market

Bionic yarn and Moncler have teamed up for a collection of eco-fab clothing only available at Dover Street Market in London. As i have posted prior Bionic yarn is made from pop bottles and is owned by Pharell Williams.What could be better www.doverstreetmarket.com

Monday, August 9, 2010

Frietag I-pad case

Another great bag from the peopleat Frietag is up for grabs. This time its for your I-pad. Made from recycled materials and each one is unique. Check them out www.frietag.com

Kaia house nail polish

This nail polish come in tons of great colors and is safe for your finger tips without any harmful chemicals. Look into them girls for a little summer time finger and toe fun. www.kaiahouse.com

The Alex Bottle

Thank god someone made a water bottle thats easy to clean, BPA free and good looking. My other bottles can be a pain , but this new one is right on. www.thealexbottle.com

Recycled tire necklace

Who said recycled fashions are dead? Well this recycled tire necklace made the cover of Vogue worn by the fabu Kristen Mc. Eco-chic fashions are coming, get yours now.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

recycled paper wall covering

Im not one for wall paper but Lori Weitzner makes this recycled newspaper wall paper that is really cool www.weitznerlimited.com

Eco Firms

If your searching for anything eco, check out this website. www.ecofirms.org for car engines and parts to building supplies.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Green Breeze

Stop by the Green Breeze in Birmingham this weekend and check out all the eco-goods. AShirtBag will be on the corner of Merrill and Old Woodward between 12-6pm with amazing bags stuffed with goodies from Tigi, Randys Granola and more all benefiting Community House and AShirtBag.

Karim Rashid Bobble

This classic water bottle designed by Karim Rashid also has a filter and as you know carrying a re-useable water cuts back on waste in land fills. Its also under $10 and cool looking. Check it out at www.waterbobble.com

Cork Helmut

I viewed this cork helmut somewhere online and really thought it was interesting. Cork is a material that is being looked at in some many different ways and its applications are expanding from just the houseware markets. www.notcot.com

DKNY Pure fragrance

DKNY Pure has a new earth friendly soft scent ,with a cool raindrop shaped bottle and the package that it comes in, both inside and out is recyclable. Its nice to see that product designers in the cosmetics industry are developing new ways to package stuff without causing tons of waste.

Christopher Raeburn

From old hot air balloons to unused army uniforms, Christopher Raeburns eco-friendly line of clothing sure hits the spot for fall. As Margiela has done for years, Raeburn takes found unused clothing items and makes coats and jackets that seam far more wearable than the Maison and quite a bit cheaper. www.christopherraeburn.com

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cardboard Furniture

Clean, crisp and eco-friendly cardboard furniture is up for grabs at this british company. My favorite is the desk, but check out all the other styles and items. www.cardboardfuture.com

Plover Beddding

Great organic bedding options are up for grabs at Plover. Lots of patterns and styles to made your home comfy cosy of the summer. www.ploverbedding.com

Grove bamboo i-pod case

This is one of the coolest things out on the net. Design your own bamboo case for your i-pod, or just chose one of the standard designs.Its made from bamboo and you better get busy. www.grovemade.com

Rogan watch/bracelet

This fabu bracelet is made from re purposed vintage watch parts and comes in a variety of finishes. Its a great Margiela look alike with out the crazy french price. www.rogan.com

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Katharine Hamnett @ Yoox

Serving up some fun eco-friendly summer time fashions is 80's fashion staple Katharine Hamnett. The kids over at Yoox are hosting this fashion sale event and if your in need of a sext bathing suit or t-shirts for the hubby, check the stuff out. www.yoox.com

"Grow a Tree in the D" Contest winners

We had a contest at AShirtBag to see what classroom out of 5 different schools and over 500 children could grow the largest/tallest amount of trees while learning the importance of what trees do for our environment. Well Logan Elementary won and had had a pizza party and prizes and all sorts of fun. Congrats Diane Sampson for making this happen with your kids.
You Are The Bomb.....

Wash With Joe Body Wash

Im not one for body wash, adult tri-cycles or strangely favored ice creams but this was sent to me to try out and Ill have to admit its really weird and wonderful. www.urbanoutfitters.com

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sonic Fabric ties

Fabric made from recycled tape cassette.... Yes its true .... what will these kids think up next? Im diggin on the ties pictured above and the overall look of the companies stuff. www.sonicfabric.com

Mioculture Wool I-pad case

One of my favorite companys just introduced these wool felt I-pad cases in a muliptle of sizes and colors.They are renewable,recyclable and compostable, unlike my I-pad but Im sold. www.mioculture.com

Emeco chair -recycled soda pop bottle versions

Amazing colors, recycled plastic and a classic design. The Emeco chair has received an update in colors and materials. Made from soda pop bottles and these colors are yums. Cant wait for them to hit the sales floor. www.emeco.net

Rapanui Clothing

Its seems that the options for cool and sustainable clothing for men are limited . Im over the American Apparel stuff and how much Patagonia can you own. A reader sent over some info about this collection of super yummy earth friendly clothing . The hemp jackets, bamboos socks and organic cotton 3-d print t-sht is kicking my rump. The tee reminders me of a Comme Des Garcons one I had and worn to bit years ago and the hemp jacket is perfect for the cool east coast nights on the beach Ill be taking this summer.Check this stuff out . www.rapanuiclothing.com