Thursday, January 21, 2010

ISSE beauty show

I'm off to the west coast to discover new and exciting organic beauty products. I'll post all my discoveries when I return the first week in Feb. Wish me luck kids

Organic baby booties

These organic baby booties are the bomb.

Organic kitchen towel set

Finding durable organic kitchen towels and pot mitts is hard work and the ones I have purchased before fell apart within weeks, but after having this set in my kitchen for over 3 months I think I'll pick up another set soon.

Near Sea Naturals fabrics

Here is a great source for natural fabrics I discovered some time back while researching fabric for the organic AShirtBag's. With so many great prints and knit choices any up start or crafter will go crazy here.

Green Edge Kids Clothing

Finally the kids have a choice in earth friendly clothing. Recycled and organic COOL kids clothing is available at Green Edge Kids for both boys and girls

Adele Wechsler

Beautiful and Eco-wonderful wedding dresses are up for grabs at Adele Wechsler. She uses all kinds of luxury fabrics and offers a great deal of style for that earth smart gal getting married.

Neuaura shoes

Animal friendly women's shoes that look great are up for grabs at Neuaura. The style are plentiful and the prices are great.. Check it out here at

Emma Watson for People Tree

Fair trade organic clothing and a successful actress are two of the things offered up the spring summer by Peopele Tree a retailer with a conscience. From what is shown it looks quite nice and Im told by friends over the pond its easy on the wallet.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nyla Noor bags

Luxe leather bags that are Eco-chic and quite fetching are up for grabs at Nyla Noor. The leathers are veggie tanned and the bags are lined with organic cotton. Prices are moderate but styles are plentiful

Volkswagon electric concept

This was my second choice in the hybrid category for earth friendly cars at the auto show..The styling was boring but the features inside were quite nice. Volkswagen will probably turn this one out well and offer something new and sporty to its earth smart

CB2 Organic bed linens

I love graphic print anything behind a solid grey backdrop and these organic sheets hit the spot. They remind me of 17th century kimono prints and have made my spare bedroom come alive.

Toyota FT-CH Concept

It's auto show week here in the D and the Toyota FT-CH concept is by far the best looking earth friendly concept car on the floor. Check out all the details here at

Ecosystems planners/journals

Colorful and bright ideas are a must for the spring 2010 season and ecosystem makes these yummy journals and planners out of eco-friendly materials so that you can jot down all your ideas for a cleaner planet.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

ECO-Smart Trash Bags

While picking up some basics this week, I found these biodegradable trash bags at my local CVS. WOW was I surprised that they carry these and at the crazy price of $5.99 for 10 bags. I was desperate and picked them up anyways because driving around town looking for earth friendly trash bags isn't kosher either.

Wilson RE-Bound recycled basketball

I love that companies are re-thinking products and making them out of recycled materials. This basketball is a great example of just that. Who would have thought to make recycled sports equipment

Windpower on the lakes of Michgian

Wind power can be an effective source of energy and the lakes of michigan are a breeding ground for new technology and a sustainable source of energy.

Recycled paper spheres

Who doesn't like to add a few nibbles to their home decor every now and then, and with the recycled paper spheres you can decorate in

7 Tips for greening your biz in 2010

Take some time to review these helpful tips on greening your biz in 2010

Scotch Brite scrubbies

Clean the Green way with these scrubbies that are earth friendly.

Pure Project

PUREPROJECT is a project that uses creativity and innovation to promote sustainable solutions that advance a common good in the world be it environmental, social,cultural or economic. check out the site at

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hugo Boss " One fragrance One tree" program

Hugo Boss and Pur have teamed up to plant trees in the amazon rain forest. Purchase one bottle of Hugo Element or Hugo Man in the month of Jan 2010 and they will plant a tree in the forest for every purchase. Smelling good and saving the rain forests just got easier.

Waldorf art @ Inn Season Cafe

Don't forget to stop by the Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak and check out the pictures made by the kids at Waldorf school then visit the restaurant on the special event night to bid on your favorite with proceeds to benefit this great school


Check out these amazing hats made of paper and on view at the Jeffrey stores in NYC and Atlanta. Sustainable, wearable and just amazing.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

GEM peapod

No........ not Gem and the Holograms silly.....Its the GEM peapod electric go cart/car thingy designed by Peter Arnell. Some how it looks retro in a Palm Beach kinda way and I'm digging it. or look into the other gem car Both these new concepts are Eco fun and earth friendly.


All the readers start to look alike and here is Barnes and Nobles Nook version. Can someone invent a robot to carry all these readers for me and maybe voice activate them so I can be EVEN lazier. I'm going back to real books soon I'm sure.

Andrea Air Purifier

Its all about clean air in 2010 and this little yummy one for your home will do just that. Stanley Kubrick watch out cause Andrea Air purifier is knocking at your capsule door. Corny yes, but clean air in your home is even better with this space age gadget. or

Toms shoes

To bad these Toms Shoes don't come in mens sizes because they sure look like fun and a great way to start the new year. Toms shoes does great things like provide a pair of shoes to a child that needs them in a under developed country with every purchase of a pair for yourself.

Fun Dough

Now this is one holiday gift I had to buy for myself for the simple fact that its just fun to pay with funky colored dough and I found it at my local Target and its organic.. Find it online at

Cooler Reader

It has been a crazy year for digital reading devices and of course the onslaught of new and exciting brands with funky colors has hit the shelves. offers one interesting version for you or the cool kids at school.

Renault TWIZY

Prototype? Dream Machine? Who knows, but it sure is cool looking for a electric car and it actually might be available in 2011. Check out the details right here at