Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vickys Secret Organic undies

I'm not a women's underwear guru, but I can spot a well made garment. As I was shopping at Victoria's Secret with my gal pals the other day, I ran into this great looking set of organic undies. The sporty stripes make them a fun option for you gals and are only $10-$26 for the set. To tell the truth it was the only organic thing in the whole store, so I was actually surprised to come across them. Check them out if your at the mall or online at

Design Within Reach Eco-Poof

As a child, I was fascinated with the Muppet's. Every Saturday night, me and my siblings would watch those fuzzy creatures create havoc on television. It was amazing. So while shopping at DWR this past week I came across this fabulous poof thing made from recycled flip flops that reminded me of those crazy animals on the show.The Miss Rio ottoman designed by Karin Wilsmann is manufactured by social organizations that provide work for unemployed craftspeople. Great design is good for your home and communities. Check them out at

Perf Go Green Products

At $4.79 for a box of 12 kitchen garbage bags they sure aren't cheap. But I was a desperate house husband shopping in my local pharmacy, so I  grabbed a box and am glad I did. Check out all the details at  You'll be surprised how many different products they offer, and they are available at your local CVS and Walgreens.

Urban Outfitters v-neck sweater

This sweater is good looking and light weight, while being Eco-chic.  At only $24, its easy for your guy to look great wearing this earth friendly organic cotton and recycled polyester sweater that comes in two different color ways. I wore mine to dinner last night and received so many complements on its soft supple feel and everyone could not believe it was Eco-friendly fashion. I'm going to buy the other color today..

Kashi 7 whole grain flakes cereal

I like my breakfast foods. I would eat them 3 times daily if it was good for me. Kashi products can be a bit harsh tasting at times, but surprisingly this cereal rocked my world. The cereal was YUM YUM YUMMY with lots of vanilla soy milk . Available at your local Whole Foods and other markets. TRY'll be hooked.....

Crate and Barrel beverage bottles

I'm a total design freak......I love smart, simple designs that last forever and look great. These Eco-friendly crystal bottles are a great design treat for your dinner table, while being a conversation starter for your guests. Fill them with homemade organic lemonade, fresh squeezed juices or just plain tap water.

Kindle 2 digital book

 After waiting forever, I decided to purchase the Kindle 2 hoping that they worked all the bugs out. Knowing that I will never buy another book via the store, and saving all that paper used to produce them makes it a pretty sound Eco-investment. As an avid reader, I will save quite a few trees by just downloading books and the portability aspect is right up my alley. Check it out at

Friday, February 20, 2009

Avalon International Breads

Located at 422 W. Willis street between Cass and Woodward is Detroit's #1 award winning bakery. Jackie and Ann use organic flour to make delicious baked treats that are yummy and good for you. Every loaf of bread is made fresh daily and is worth the trip to your local Holiday or Plum Markets, but if your in the city stop by the bakery for the full on experience of fresh baked smells... Tues-Sat 6am-6pm. 313.832.0008

Bodkin Brooklyn clothing

As Kermit the frog says "Its not easy being green" or chic. Plenty of fashion fads are just crazy, but Eco-consciousness appears to be here to stay. Bodkin's Eviana Hartman and Samantha Pleet won this years 2009 Ecco Domani Sustainable Design Award and presented their first full collection of cool-city girl basics on February 16 at New York's Fashion week. Lightweight frocks and techy parkas made out of recycled mesh with lots of organic cotton items that are hand dyed, your sure to find something this fall to wear from them.

Bamboo/Cotton towels @ Sears

Surprise.....Surprise.....Sears is getting on the Eco-band wagon. Rated by the WSJ as a "Best Value" product, these soft and plush LANDS END brand mixed content towels are a great start for Sears going Eco-friendly. At a great price of under of $80 for a six piece set, how can you go wrong. or

Nike -Reuse a shoe program

If your a sneaker freak like me, you probably have tons of sneaks you just don't wear any longer. Usually I donate my old pairs to my favorite local charity, but this time I dropped them off to be recycled into playground flooring . has all the info about this cool program and drop off locations .

Origins organic face lotion

So many beauty products claim to be organic, and so little truly are. While rolling through the mall my face was feeling dry and cracked from the winter winds here in Detroit, so I stopped by Origins to try the new organic skin care line and found this face lotion that really works. The price is steep at $42.50 a bottle, but very little is actually needed to cover my whole face and the slight funky smell was kinda masculine. Stop by these stores on your way home from work this week and forget about the delivery emissions getting it to your door.    or

Organic pancake mix

Pancakes are my favorite breakfast treat. Williams Sonoma organic pancake mix makes yummy and fluffy pancakes for your brunch guests this weekend. At around $10 a can, it sure isn't cheap, but your guests are worth a healthy treat this wintry weekend. Just make sure you top them with some local maple syrup and lots of organic butter.

Eco-speakers @ Urban Outfitters

These build it yourself speakers are just fun....... Made from post consumer paper, with do it yourself directions and a set of pencils to create your own designs, I had fun just putting them together and designing my own desk top speakers. The sound is not great, but what do you expect for under $20

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Green Earth dry cleaning @ Martinizing

We all know that dry cleaning your clothing is not earth friendly. The people at your local Martinizing locations have taken the first step in trying to make the process a little better for our earth by offering the only dry cleaning solution that is non-toxic. explains the process that they use and don't forget to look in your local Valpak for a 20% off coupon for your next incoming order.

The Green Consumer

This book is a first timers guide to becoming a "Green Consumer". With tips on saving energy, earth friendly furniture, baby products, and groceries that aren't over packaged, its totally worth picking up at your local bookstore or a used version on

Recycle Here

Wow.........What a great new site....Matt and Rick keep getting better and better with their message of earth friendly products and services here in the Detroit. Check out the site for all the cool programs and the new Eco-shop in the center at 1331 Holden st, open on Wednesday's and Saturday's.

ECO-Tools for makeup application

After spending a whole weekend in LA at the beauty product show, I was disappointed by how little was offered in the organic/earth friendly product range. I came across this set of makeup tools that were packaged in a hemp/cotton case with bamboo handles and cruelty free brush heads with total amazement. Eco-Tools have done a great job with an all around Eco-product. The best part of this find is , that you can find them at your local Walgreen's or Target for under $10 for the complete set.

Pottery Barn- Woodland organic sheets

I'm usually a simple guy with simple taste. I have only really bought plain color sheets for my home because organic cotton sheets came in boring, sometimes muddy colors. While shopping at Pottery Barn the other night I came across these bold patterned organic sheets in a fun color way. When I got them home, I washed them, then popped them on the guest room bed and was actually uplifted by the almost girlie print and soft supple feel. I guess I'm really looking forward to spring time, cause I'm going giddy over colored sheets.

Whole Foods-Honey wheat bread

A delicious organic bread can be chore to find. There are so many different brands and to be honest most are simply gross. The texture is so off and the flavor of cardboard in the morning only makes me cranky. Whole Foods has saved the day once again. 365 organic honey wheat bread made delicious toast, amazing peanut butter and jelly's and a french toast that my breakfast guests couldn't get enough of. TRY IT......TRY IT......TRY IT......

Pantone goes organic

Pantone has been the leading color company for 50 years. The new fall 2009 forecast has organic colors such as Iron 18-1306, Purple Heart 18-3520, Honey Yellow 16-1143, Burnt Sienna 17-1544, and Creme Brulee 13-1006, which the Pantone Institute has just described as the top colors for designers showing at fashion week. I have always gone to my Pantone deck through out the years to search for the new hot colors and you can too.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Communities In Schools and AShirtBag

This nation wide organization has been helping students and communities for over 30 years, and AShirtBag is proud to partner up with them to introduce its educational program "7 things you can do in 7 days to save our environment". The mission of Communities In Schools is to champion the connection of needed community resources with schools to help young people successfully learn, stay in school and prepare for life. We at AShirtBag are very excited to launch our program this spring within the Detroit school system and feel that partnering up with such an amazing organization will only bring success to all.

Eco-friendly printing is the place to go for all your Eco-friendly printing needs and its wind powered factory is the coolest in the United States. At AShirtBag we are very aware of every thing we do and try our hardest to find the best sustainable printing for all our business cards, letterhead and brochures. Fast service and top notch quality prints are just a few things offered at Printing For less. Check them out...

Vosges Organic Chocolates @ Neiman Marcus

I know.....I know....Expensive chocolates are not in your budget this V-day, but these are worth saving your coins for. These handcrafted caramels are made with organic cream and butter then enrobed in premium chocolate and finally topped with roasted organic pecans from New Mexico. Yummy ....Isn't your valentine worth a little bit of organic luxury? Pick a box up at a store near you or the website at for more info.

Crate and Barrel ...Green Pan

Crate and Barrel rocks....... While shopping the other night, I could not believe how many earth friendly products this store has, its endless. I picked up this set of frying pans at around $100 and cooked up a stir fry in record time and clean up was a breeze. This "green" cookware is finished in Thermalon, the first patented ceramic-based, nano-composite non-stick coating that performs without deterioration. Thermalon releases 50% less greenhouse gases during production, and contains no toxic substances.

Artspace 2

Located in downtown Birmingham at 303 East Maple, Artspace 2 is Michigan's leading resale fine art gallery. From Jean Arp to Jeff Koons, your sure to find something to tickle the collector in you. I have been working with Colleen for years and shes the cats meow when it comes to helping customers find exactly what they need. Resale art work is totally Eco and I cant get enough of the prints and original works that people consign at amazing prices. 248.258.1540

Goldner Walsh nursery

With so many Eco-practices in gear at Goldner Walsh, Tim and his team know the ins and outs of good gardening. Visit the flower shop for your v-day gift and flower needs and ask about all the exciting new Eco-programs they have going on now and throughout the year.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Shaw Green Edge

With so many choices to make in concerns to flooring for your home or office, Shaw floors makes it easy. Sustainability through Innovation.... That's the Shaw Green Edge. Great Eco-practices and good looking flooring, I think that says it all. Don't forget to download the EnviroBrochure2009 for all the information.

Recycled Home - coffee table book

I'm a book person. Stacks and stacks of books line my home ranging from design, architecture, horror, comic and fiction/non fiction. In my world, it is all about inspiration and books can do that for me every time. I picked this little number up at Anthropologie this past weekend in LA and now want to redecorate my home here in Detroit. Damn those book people. Lots of great tips for renewing your space by a talented husband and wife team, who have created some amazing spaces with brilliant ideas. Pick it up today at your local Anthropologie store. And don't forget to use all its Eco-friendly decorating tips while updating your home this spring.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal spring 2009

Once again Martin Margiela has created an amazing collection. His couture-artisanal collection for the spring 2009 season goes back to his roots as fashions leading Eco-designer. As always he has reclaimed discarded items such as combs and sequin collars from vintage dresses to create couture quality items all hand sewn by his talented atelier. After 20 years in the business, he still has the power to amaze and de-lite.

Norma Kamali @ Walmart

Hey girls.....check these out!!!! Organic tees for only $10 by world class designer Norma Kamali. As the economy gets worse, your wardrobe can get a little better with these cute butterfly tees made out of 100% organic cotton at WalMart. 

Banana Republic organic sweater

Spring is coming....... And I cant wait to stop wearing heavy coats and puffy vests. Banana Republic has these organic cotton hooded sweaters from the men's pre-spring collection for under $100 in stores and online now.  I'm going to stop by the mall today to view the other organic styles available and hopefully pick one up.

Macys organic bedding

Sometimes I'm surprised at what I stumble into at my local Macy's. Nice organic bedding is really hard to find at a good price, but I think I have found the solution. These pillows, duvets and mattress pads from Charter Club are really soft and half off. Stop by your local Macy's store and try them out. Its worth the trip.

Home Depot No-VOC paint

Finally, Home Depot is launching its Eco-options program in a store near you and it looks really promising. While renovating our office at AShirtbag, I came across this paint at my local store and decided it was the safest option available for fume free painting. At about $35 a gallon its not cheap and oddly thin as a paint goes, but with no harmful toxins and a fume less application, it is worth the high price tag.