Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back In Time vintage watches

I am losing my mind over all the amazing vintage watches from Back In Time. Kurt is the owner of one of Americas leading watch dealers and this 1941 restored Rolex is right up my alley. Vintage watches are so Eco and you can check out all of his offerings at www.backintimeintl.com

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rusti D recycled toys/sculpture?

I can be really obsessive and cant get enough of these recycled/reclaimed sculpture/toys? After reading about them in the NYTs, I discovered that Rusti D is available at one one my favorite NYC store stops www.r20thcentury.com  check out the site and profile of this cool artist

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I met Kelli Lewton-Secondino at Eastern Market here in Detroit this past weekend and she sure knows organic cooking.  Pure food 2 u is a delivery service that has a great menu of delicious organic meals and treats for active moms or corporate busy bodies. Check out the menus at www.purefood2u.com or stop by the Eastern Market this Sat June 27 from 10-12pm for some on site cooking demos.

Natural Fabrics

I am always working on some crazy project at the studio, and some while back I discovered www.pickhemp.com with great surprise. Beautiful earth friendly fabrics and the color/fabric swatches they sent me to review, have a soft hand and amazing color ways.


Free Biz cards? on post consumer recycled paper? What could go wrong. I am still waiting for the press kit info and samples, but think its worth a shot for some earth friendly and free printing. www.4by6.com

Feed 2

This is a great cause and the bags have been updated this time with disco sequins and foddery, but the bummer part is that they are only available at Bergdorfs in NYC. Hopefully you can purchase them online this summer, but any charity helping kids is worth a trip to NYC.....right? www.feedprojects.org

Matt and Nat on Bluefly

I have posted before about Matt and Nat, but now you can find them for a discount through www.bluefly.com . So many great styles for woman this time and even better for the planet. These earth friendly Pleather bags are a great Eco-alternative.

Tigi Love Peace Planet

I have tried all the Love Peace and the Planet products from the some what organic-ish collection they just launched and my favorite is the cranberry/orange shampoo followed by the wax stuff for styling my wig. Great idea, nice smells, and somewhat Eco. www.tigihaircare.com

The Gap Organic denim

I was strolling through the Gap the other day and found these organic denim jeans on the sale rack for just about 50% off the regular price.....Surprisingly good looking and not a bad fit. Here's a coupon for online shopping with about the same price tag for them www.gap.com

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More AShirtBag 2009 Advo

Thank you Boswell Studio for the amazing advo. www.boswellcreative.com

Detroit Evolution Laboratory

Greg Newsom at Detroit Evolution Laboratory is one of Detroit's leading Eco-warriors. While offering a melange of information and services for the body and mind, Greg and his family are just the nicest people. Bravo Gregg for making a difference in the greater metro Detroit area. info at www.detroitevolution.com

Tom carbone shoes

I met Tom Carbone this past spring and fell in love with his shoes designs. He has an amazing vision and sexy shoes for all women to cherish. Here is a peak at some new designs for the 2010 season. Contact him at www.tcarbone.com for more info

Paperless Post

Check out this site for some great invites and other announcements for the paperless/Internet customer www.paperlesspost.com

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rosen Hotels are Green

While I was in Florida this past weekend, I was staying in the Rosen Hotel chain and discovered that it offered so many earth friendly options. Recycling for each room, CFL lighting, low flow toilets and many other great things. I will be staying again in the future , just for these things offered. www.rosenhotels.com

Solstice sunglasses

Don't forget your sunglasses this summer while stopping by that BBQ. Solstice sunglasses stores are donating 10 percent of all US sales on the summer solstice June 21 to Al Gores "The Climate Project" . If you spend over $250, you get this fabu tote bag as well. www.solsticestores.com

OlsenHaus vegan shoes

Sexy Vegan shoes?????  What !!!!!!! My friend and style expert Angela, turned me on to this company that makes the sexiest and wonderfully priced VEGAN shoes....Can you believe it. so many amazing styles that don't look like granny granola shoes. www.olsenhaus.com check out the site for all the info about this cool company and www.angelaseye.com for the coolest Detroit style stuff.

Organic Seasonal Cookbook

The summer time invites to BBQs are coming around and this cookbook has some great ideas and recipes for everyone. Stop by your local farmers market for fresh veggies and get started preparing some yummy treats for that night in a friends back yard. available at www.anthropologie.com


These shoppers are made for discarded sails and are a great option for a beach bag this summer. Each one is different and unique. Check them all out at. www.seabags.com

Social designer

What a cool site......They offer all kinds of great Eco- stuff that benefits social causes. Cool designs and great products,what more could you ask for. www.socialdesigner.com

Verizon Wireless Eco - Tips

I found this little info guide on the Verizon wireless site while paying my bill paperless this week. I think its great that some cellular phone companies are getting on the band wagon for earth causes. BRAVO www.verizonwireless.com

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Kids @ Logan Elementary replant trees

The team from AShirtBag started this week finishing up our educational program "7 things you can do in 7 days to save our environment" at Logan Elementary, and it was a big smash. The kids replanted the trees they were given into larger pots for planting later this summer in the city of Detroit.I would like to thank all of the people that donate to our cause and the teachers at all of the schools in the DPS for all the hard work they did teaching the kids about recycling and why it is important to grow trees and save the earths natural resources. Bravo everyone.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Honeycomb shelves @ Urban Outfitters

Earth friendly and cool looking shelves are hard to find, but of course Urban Outfitters is always ahead of the game in clothing and housewares. check them out at www.urbanoutfitters.com

Coke is really IT...........

The people at Coke are testing out some new bottle design made from sugar cane and molasses. They say that 30% of the bottles are going to be made from plant materials? This is a great step for this large company to start making some environmentally packaging. Right on Coke


One of my favorite fashion sites is www.yoox.com  They dont have many earth friendly items, but they do have great deals in the 80% off section and new eco-shipping for the small fee of 50 cents. Designer clothing and earth friendly shipping make this site one to check out.

DriBamboo Track jacket

I just discovered this site this past weekend, while trying to find my fathers day gift, and ended up ordering one of these for my self. www.dribamboo.com has some great styles for men and women that provide comfort and good looks in earth friendly materials.

Paul Smith organic shirt

Every guy should have a great white button down shirt in his closet. Paul Smith is offering some great organic cotton versions that are top dog, along with other earth friendly clothing via www.bloomingdales.com

Zero electric car

This little electric car looks like a toy and is pretty cool looking as well. You can bid on one of the first available in the United States via www.ebay.com

Eco-card @ Urban Outfiiters

If you cant think of a great gift for fathers day, send one of these cool wood postcards to your dad. He will think its the coolest thing in his workshop. Just garb a few because they are on sale and all your friends will think they are cool as well. www.urbanoutfitters.com

Citizen Eco-Drive watch

Fathers day is coming up and what a cool gift to give to your dad . This eco-friendly watch is a great idea for all you earth friendly gift givers. www.citizenwatch.com or at your local Macys www.macys.com

kenz oil....olive oil

Last weekend I picked up some of this wonderful and natural olive oil at Eastern Market in downtown Detroit. It was the perfect complement to my mottza/tomato basil sandwiches.Its at all the local markets in metro Detroit and worth every last yummy drop www.kenzoil.com

YSL goes green .....

YSl has designed some great tees and bags to raise awareness about earth causes in tandem with an earth friendly ready to wear "vintage" line made for recycled fabrics from old collections for all you chicsters. www.ysl.com or www.barneys.com