Thursday, May 28, 2009

AShirtBag recycled totes and Avalon Bakery

Stop by the Eastern Market in downtown Detroit this weekend for some limited edition AShirtBag recycled totes and yummy Avalon organic breads. I will be selling some great bags to shop with and wonderful baked goods at the Avalon Bakery table.

Dosa recycling fabric project

Ive known Cristina Kim of Dosa for years. She always managed to produce wonderful garments for woman with a beautiful eye and hand crafted touch. Recently I discovered an article in the NYTs about her recycling fabrics from her factory floors to remake new things, which she has always done, but now its a full on collection of items that really make a cohesive collection. Bravo CK on your fashionable Eco go getting...check the site for details.

Designers and Agents LA show

If your a shop owner or just a fashion follower, don't forget to check out the D&A show while in LA. Last year I stopped by the Green Room which is a full floor of Eco friendly fashions, home goods, and super cool stuff for the earth geek inside all of us. Its worth the trip!!!

Alexander Mcqueen organic scarf

Help the world, look chic doing it. Alexander Mcqueen has designed another great skull scarf this time benefiting a great global cause. Its made from organic cotton and in a limited addition of 200. Grab yours at

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The NEW 50 simple things kids can do book....

I have the old version of the book and just ordered the new version for my classrooms in the Detroit Public schools. It is full of easy kid friendly ideas and tips to help save the earth.

Energy Star

This site has a thousand great tips on saving energy and conserving natural resources. The information is endless and so completely helpful to you new Eco-warriors just starting out.

Simple Solution Tip #7

Tip #7 Recycle plastic, glass, metals

I think sometimes I just go on and on about this but its sooooooooo simple. Recycle all those plastic, metal and glass containers curb side if you can. If you have a local drop off location?   do that. It saves so much energy and keeps our landfills cleaner.

Bamford and Sons Mens clothing

Its really hard to find earth friendly clothing for men, that is dressy enough for dinner out or that special summer wedding. Bamford and Sons offer some great options that are classic and good looking without having to sport jeans/t-sht everyday. Im so glad I found this company and will post pics of myself wearing some of the goods I purchased when they arrive in the mail.

100% recycled bathroom tissue

OK, we all need to use THE ROOM and Seventh Generation makes the best bathroom tissue around because its stronger and thicker than the other Eco-brands and available at your local Target or CVS. That wasnt so bad now was it. 

Eat 2 veggie meals per week

Its way easier on your pocketbook, good for your health and produces less green house gases by livestock and trucking. Eat veggies from a locally grown vendor and enjoy. If your in Michigan stop by the Eastern Market on Saturday mornings for organic and locally grown goods, its worth the trip downtown.

STOP RAKING your lawn as much

Remember that lawn and garden waste account for 12 percent of what is found in landfills. Lawn care experts are now recommending "grass-cycling" which they say is good for your lawns. By leaving some clippings to decompose, it creates a good source of nitrogen which makes a stronger more pretty lawn. Really easy idea if you ask me, cause I hate to rake.

Simple Solution Tip #6

This ones really simple... Go through your closet and take out the items you have not worn in 24 months and pack them up. Then donate them to your favorite cause and get a tax deduction.

PeaceKeeper Nail polish remover

This is for all you Idol/Adam wannabes. Remove that nail polish the healthy way with PeaceKeeper polish remover this summer. Its good for your nail and the earth. Check out all the great stuff from them at

Lutz & Patmos / Jane Birkin Organic cashmere

The gals at L & P have teamed up with France's uber gamine Jane Birkin to create a line of Scottish organic cashmere sweater that are as comfortable as they are stylish. Available in the states at Barneys NYC and Fred Segal LA.

Mind Body & Spirits

Located in downtown Rochester at 301 South Main St is a yummy hot spot for all. Mind Body & Spirits is the future of earth friendly restaurants that offers delicious lunch and dinner menus made from local and organic fare. The interior design is also earth friendly, using many LEED guides for construction.. Stop by and have the warm spinach salad followed by the stuffed swordfish with a glass of organic wine......IT WAS AMAZING

Motorola MOTO W233 Renew

This new phones offer by Motorola is made from recycled water bottles and arrives in recycled paper packaging. Its battery lasts longer than most phones ,while looking pretty cool. check it out at

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Simple Solution Tip #5

Tip#5 Reuse-Recycle paper products

Think about all the packaging and paper products that roll through your home each day. Try reusing that junk mail for scrap paper and lists. Don't forget the boxes that cereal and other household goods are in can be recycled just as easy as newspapers and magazines.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

HahnMade @ Royal Oak flower mkt

Its that time of year again.....And Berkley's Willie Hahn has created some new recycled/reclaimed garden sculptures for your yard. Stop by and see what is up for grabs this weekend in downtown Royal Oak at the mothers day flower market..

Monday, May 4, 2009

Project Blue Barneys/ELLE

Recycled denim collected from Barneys then made into fabu outfits by the worlds best designers! Whats not to like........check them all out on ebay and the profits go to a great cause Oceana. Help clean up the oceans and look amazing doing it...... or

Sunday, May 3, 2009

David Stark Design

This guy is Brilliant.......Amazing........I am so jealous of his talent..... The pics are from a project he did for West Elm from recycled packaging in the stores.......Its just so beautiful....

Power Pig

This power-consumption-metering piggy bank is designed to educate kids about the energy cost associated with running devices. Plug the tail into the outlet and the device into the snout: feed a coin in the meter for 30 minutes of use.It Blinks when its running low and needs to be feed more coins and meters all energy usage. What a cool idea to teach children about energy cost and consumption. BRAVO

Origins "Return to Origins" recycling program

Origins will take back your packaging and recycle it people.... REGARDLESS OF BRAND...Just drop it off and feel better that your helping keep those landfills free of all your beauty product boxes and bottles.

Kiehls Body lotion

Erykah Badu, Kelly Slater and Adrian Grenier have designed labels for Kiehls body lotion benefiting Waterkeeper Alliance. Its a great Eco-cause and Kiehls makes some yummy earth friendly products.


I always love a great Eco-friendly shopping website. If I have to buy something new or for a gift, new sources and cool sites are rare. has some pretty neat stuff and great gifts for all your needs.

360 Paper Bottle by Brandimage

This new bottle design is the bomb. It is the first totally recyclable paper container made from 100% renewable resources. It stands up to all liquid forms and it extremely light weight. The design and concept is by BrandImage ,  and it is one of the most fabu things I have seen in awhile.


This cool little gadget is for all you tech heads out in twitterville. It combiners energy conservation with Twitter to record and post all your energy consumption. Tweet a watt uses a modified Kill a Watt power meter to automatically "tweet" your power usage to your Twitter account. By sharing these numbers via the service, users can compete for the lowest energy usage and compare data......Interesting....

Friday, May 1, 2009

Plymouth Green Fair.....this weekend

Don't forget that the Plymouth green street fair is going on this Fri-Sat-Sun...More info @

Eco-Beautiful Book

With photographs from the amazing Dove Shore and a guide to earth friendly beauty tips, this is a must have for all natural beauties this summer.  and for even more glamour

Fashion Group International Fall presentation

Styleline magazine and the Fashion Group International hosted a fall trend presentation at the historical museum in Detroit that was a complete blast. Karen Buscemi and Joe Faris chatted among the guests then took questions afterwards about every fashion forward look for fall 2009. Visit the sites for all the info

AShirtBag- Root and Sprout earth day fun

Well, the earth day event at Root and Sprout went fabu until the rain came and washed us out of the streets......The gals at Root offer some of the best Eco-friendly finds here in metro Detroit, and Id like to thank Goldner Walsh Nursery for donating the tree in the picture that one lucky patron won that day, as well as a big thanks to Willie Hahn of HahnMade garden sculptures for providing the amazing sculptures featured that day outside the store.