Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AShirtBag- Root and Sprout celebrate the earth

Come join us as we celebrate the earth and all its wonderment. April 25 10a-6p at Root and Sprout in Birmingham. Lots of great freebies and a chance to win a tree from Goldner Walsh Nursery.


As a creative director for many years, I always loved what Veer does and here is another genius idea.

Tweezerman Go green mini

We all have stray hairs that need to be removed. Admit it.........we are humans and were hairy in places that are not so attractive. My uni-brow gets so over grown, that I need to go at it on a regular basis. Tweezerman donates $1 to the Arbor foundation with every purchase and the package is %100 percent recycled material. Who would think that plucking those unwanted hair could be earth friendly.

Watt Blocks

Coming to a store near you, is the coolest of energy saving gadgets. Watt Blocks are an easy way to stop energy vampires throughout your home. Electronics consume power while not in use and still plugged in, but these little wonders can stop all that lost energy with one step on your way out the door. Just plug them in to other devices and get to stepping. Brilliant.......

Organa soda pop

Ok....... so its not available in the states yet, but I do love good design and the label on this organic soda pop is really great. Will keep you updated when it arrives state side.

Payless shoes lauches....... Zoe&Zac

Way cute.........Way stylish and all under $30. Payless has launched its new line of Eco-friendly shoes for women with the help of Planet Green host Summer Oakes and it looks really good. Check out all the styles and deals at 


This new hybrid from Honda is pretty stylish and is priced under $20,000. With an average of 43 mpg highway and a new innovative battery system, it is making me re-think purchasing a new car for this summer.

Seals to look for......

I have been blogging a lot about cosmetic's and beauty products lately. Here are some of the seals on packaging that you should look out for and take into consideration when purchasing new items.

#1. Eco-Cert - This french label requires 10% of total product to be organic
#2 Natural Product Association - The contents of these products must be 95% natural and free from harmful synthetics.
#3 USDA Organic - The products must be made with at least 95% organic ingredients.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Michigan Green Cab coupons

Just received these discount coupons from Michigan Green Cabs via email ... If your traveling soon, think about an earth friendly travel service and print the coupons for extra savings.

Clean Well foaming hand wash

Clean Well makes some great smelling and acting products that are safe for you and your children. I purchased some orange/vanilla foaming hand wash at my favorite store Root and Sprout in Birmingham Michigan and every time in wash my hands, the smell of the orange/vanilla  puts a smile on my face. or for more info

Kyyote Jewelry

This weeks posts seem to be all about beauty and glamour, which makes me happy, so I could not forget Kyyote designs to add to the mix. Amanda Loos hand makes some really delicate and beautiful Eco-friendly jewelry , that I cant say enough about.....the feather earrings above are yummy.

Gecko sculpture by Claudia Garzesi

Claudia Garzesi makes all kinds of groovy jewelry and this little gecko sculpture from recycled magazines and aluminum cans. Each item is so special and delicate .....and totally earth friendly. You can find items by her at or

Plank designs Bamboo/organic cotton bathrobe

Well I purchased one of Plank designs yoga mats recently, because mats don't last and you can recycle the versions they offer. When I got home I checked out the website and discovered this fabu bathrobe made from 75% bamboo and 25% organic cotton. It sure was not cheap at $195 but it looks great and is earth friendly.

Simple solution Tip #4

                    Tip #4... Plant a tree

This tip is really simple.......Plant a tree this spring. It provides shade for your home, oxygen for you to breath, helps pollinate other plants and makes your yard look better.

Teens Turning Green @ Whole foods

You can never be too young, or too old to go green. The girls @ Teens Turning Green have got the Eco-bug and are turning out some yummy products for your face and body. Bravo girls for making a difference on planet earth. Try the Sea Foam Facial Cleanser, Its like washing your face on the beach. Visit the site at  for the story about the girls and product info.

Loomstate @ Target

Rogan Gregory and Scott Hahn make some of the most earth friendly and cool clothes in town. For the second coming of Loomstate at Target, they have added extra styles for both men and women, at amazing prices starting at $14.99. Check out the collection in stores or online beginning April 19.

Keds ......sneakers for the eco-geek

As a child, I loved my Keds. Now they are making the earth a cleaner place for everyone with the launch of . The sneaks are made responsibly with organic cotton, recycled rubber, and soy based inks and dyes. Bring out the skater kid in yourself this spring and try out a pair.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The kids @ Logan Elementary start growing trees

WOW......This is the first week of teaching kids in the Detroit school system about AShirtBag's educational program "7 things you can do in 7 days to save our environment". Each child received a tree in a box kit, Eco-friendly pencil with work sheet and recycling bins for each classroom. The kids went crazy after they discovered they get a tree of their own to grow, then plant in the city followed by information about what they can do to keep planet earth clean and healthy. Thanks Diane Sampson at Logan for letting ASB help teach your science classes and I can not wait to see the trees all grown in a few weeks and work with the kids again.

Monday, April 6, 2009

HahnMade Garden sculpture

Its snowing out, but I have to post this picture. I just received my first garden sculpture from Berkley Michigan's premier earth friendly artist. Willie Hahn makes AMAZING garden sculptures from salvaged-recycled metal and he created this masterpiece for me and I am so excited. I cant wait till my yard starts to grow into green-organic splendor with the help of Tim at Goldner Walsh Nursery. Look for updates and more pics with contact info about HahnMade garden goods in the future.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Simple Solution Tip #3

Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth and take showers instead of baths. Taking a bath uses 2.5 times more water than a 3 minute shower on average. Even a dripping faucet wastes a great deal of valuable water. 10 drips per minute from a leaking faucet wastes approximately 793 gallons of water a year. That is over 4 times the amount each American drinks in a year. WOW...... Please be aware of the water you use and waste.

Jennifer Joy Hemp change purse

While shopping the Spring Fling this weekend, I came across Jennifer Joys hemp change purse and wonderful hand dyed fabrics. Its really nice to see so many cool people making great earth friendly stuff here in Detroit. Bravo Jennifer and check out all her stuff at

Talking Squid recycled rug

I met Taryn Boyd at the Spring Fling Craft Thing this weekend and was amazed at the beautiful rugs she hand crafts from recycled shirts.... WOW WOW WOW they are the coolest things and she is the nicest gal. Visit her Esty shop for more earth friendly rugs and bomb necklaces.

Organic and fair trade goodies

Yummy treats, cool gifts and heart healthy goodies from sustainable farms is what global exchange is all about. Visit the website for all the earth friendly products and information

Eco-friendly Cards

Cool cards for all occasions is what is up for grabs at I purchased some b-day cards for friends and thank you cards for everyone else made from 100 percent recycled card stock and they use only nontoxic inks to print them. Send some cards today, everyone loves to get Eco-friendly notes in the mail.

Global Warming Survival Handbook

David De Rothschild has written this handy book with 77 essential skills to stop climate change or just live through it. With resource info and a great chapter on 10 simple steps to help fight global warming, you cant go wrong picking this book up at your local book store or online at

Flowers for your sweetie.....

The Holidays are coming around again, and who doesn't love flesh flowers at the dinner table?Consider some native potted plants from your local nursery or an organic bouquet from  They offer blossoms grown using sustainable techniques and offer beautiful blooms.

Juice Organic Beauty Goods

Juice Beauty's new USDA organic beauty products are wonderful. The collection features healthy ingredients and contain NO parabens, petroleum, proplene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. I know that's a lot of chemical info to swallow, but its all good and even better for your skin. I purchased some Organic facial wash at my local Whole foods and within one week, my facial skin is no longer dry from the winter winds. Its available at Sephora, Whole foods, Nordstrom or online at

Root and Sprout Bump Club

The girls at Root And Sprout come up with the best ideas and sell the coolest stuff for kids and your home @ 474 North Old Woodward in Birmingham Michigan. The Bump club is a great new program offered at the shop for moms and Laurie Tarasi has joined forces with Root and Sprout to offer her talents as a photographer for all your families photo needs.  or for all the details.

Mountainsmith Vibe ll lumbar bag

This little lumbar bag is made from 100% recycled PET fabric and is great for hiking or a quick trip around town. The Vibe ll has enough storage space to keep all of your stuff organized and compact, while exercising or just running errands all for $25. If you purchase this cool little bag, it will save 4 plastic bottles from the landfill and make you look cool doing it.I purchased it in black, but other color options are 877.666.7352

Eco-friendly printing @ Pixxlz

There is a cool new printing house that has Eco-friendly printing options. Lindsey Burkhardt heads up this online print shop with all kinds of great earth friendly green printing stuff for your company or personal needs. check it out at 

Simple Solution Tip #2

 Tip #2    Conserve Energy

Don't just turn off the lights and electronic appliances that your not using, unplug any electronic device that isn't in use. The electricity we generate is responsible for 38% of CO2 emissions in the U.S. which makes it the largest overall contributor. Even when items like your toaster, radio, tv and cell phone charger is turned off but still plugged in, they use energy. UNPLUG YOUR STUFF.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring fling Craft thing

Today from 12-7 pm @ The Loving Touch Pool hall in Ferndale is the coolest little craft fair in town. Shannon McCarthy presents different designers that showcase hand craft goods and wonderment's. Designers such as Jennifer Joy, White Owl and Talking Squid make eco-friendly goods out of all kinds of sustainable materials. I purchased some amazing recycled cards from Shannon and sent them off to friends in minutes. Check it out at