Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This recently launched informational site is the bomb. All kinds of stuff for men/ women/home/etc . I love the textile info and could spend hours reading up about the fabu things offered here

Charlotte Olympia shoes

Cute styles and Eco-friendly foot wear for the gals. Charlotte Olympia offers some amazing choices for your earth friendly feet.

Dirty Girl farms hand scrub

Working Hard Hand Scrub from Dirty Girl Farms is my new favorite beauty product. I have been using it after digging through my garden this past few weeks and am loving it. Check out all the organic goodies at

Brunton solar roll

If you are a gal/guy on the go in the dessert or anywhere else, just unroll this handy matt and recharge your phone or computer.

Nike EcoReclaimed Sneaker

These Nike sneaks are made from scraps on the sewing thats recycling

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


All kinds of yummy goods and made from recycled materials....I am in love....Check out the info at

Avon Organic cotton chemise

O.K. now Im a granny.....because Im looking at Avon catalogs....But the dentist office only has so much to offer . anyways heres something of true value and quite cute for gifts and the ladys in your life. Liiv organic chemise is cute and only $16.99, Thats a bargain kids, find them online at

Bamboo stool

God knows I do not need anymore furniture in my house, but I was flipping through catalogs at the dentist and came across this Bamboo stool from Chiasso. Most of the things in this catalog are ???????????? , but they do have some fun Eco-stuff at decent prices.

Achla Rain catcher

When it rains this fall......catch all the cloudy goodness in a rain bucket....Then when its dry out water your plants or wash your car with it... You will save water and money.

Araks organic jammies

Pajamas are my new fetish....I lounge around a lot on the weekend and also have a pajama pant collection that is pretty amazing. I have been sporting this style with dinner jackets and my organic denim jacket since the fall started and feel like a certain crazy painter we all know in NYC. Araks makes some yummy versions and has a cool blog.

Sony E-Reader

Sony has finally released its E-reader digital book to compete with the Kindle. Its faster and smaller with 3G blah blah blah... But have any of these devices really caught on yet? I use my Kindle alot, but I am a geek wad.

O.N.E carton water

Water in a carton? WHAT...... guess this is the new thing and O.N.E is the official water sponsor of New York's fashion week. Its an interesting idea that hopefully will cut back on waste. O.N.E. has set up recycling centers at all the shows and is hopefully going to make a change in the way New Yorkers drink and recycle. Bravo

Rusk Go Green Hair Dryer and Flat Iron

Rusk has come out with a line of hair dryers and flat irons that use less energy and waste that look pretty good and cut back on your electric bill and packaging that goes into the dump. check it out at

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Recycle your Pods and phones

I am really ruff with my tech tools and half to replace my phone and i-pods at least twice a year. Remember to recycle these goods because about 40% of all lead found in landfills is from this stuff. Lead pollutes the soil turning back or returns on this action kids.

Popcorn and the Movies

If your going to view a film this weekend with friends, kids or your other half remember to share your popcorn instead of buying multiple bags. You'll save money because most movie houses give free refills and you ll cut back on packaging. All that packaging adds up to more than 2.5 billion quart size servings. Share your popcorn and cut that in half.

Magazine tips

Here are some helpful tips to keep your labor day weekend going strong. Subscribe to your favorite magazine instead of buying them at the news stand. You will save 75% and have the convenience of home delivery. Remember 60% of magazines are not sold at these stands and the ones not sold are hauled of to landfills and dont get recycled.

Ideal Recycling Inc

If your geting a new roof before Mr Winter comes here to Michigan, you most check out these guys because they recycling that old shingle roofing that ends up in a land fill most of the time.

Greenovation TV

Check out this site for informative videos and watch the show for tips on greening up your home.

Susan Woo

Amazing cuts and eco-friendly fabrics make this one line to watch. Susan Woo sure can make gals look great with her new line of fashionable goods.